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Making a Ranger’s Bow Part 2 | Texturing and Rigging

This week, we’ll be continuing the bow and arrow tutorial. In this part we will texture and rig the bow and arrow, then import it into Unity to test it out.

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Building Fruit Ninja from Scratch

Last week, Halfbrick Studios released Fruit Ninja for VR. So, we decided why not create it from scratch? We will be going over attaching swords to your hands, slicing meshes (fruits), and adding a motion blur effect to the sword to really give it some weight. By themselves, these are pretty hefty topics, but luckily there are some good plugins we can use to make this job for manageable for anyone getting started!

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3D Modeling a Ranger’s Bow for VR

While it super fun to create a VR experience with available assets in a game engine, sometimes it is time to get creative and build something from scratch. This week, Abdo (you may have talked with him in the chat in previous streams) will be leading the video and walking you through how to 3D model a bow and arrow, which a couple people had asked to learn more about.

To get started, you will need to have Blender installed, but other than that, everything is from scratch.

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Building a VR Sniper Game From Scratch

Sniping is used in a lot of games like Out of Ammo, Battledome, and The Nest. So, this week I thought it would be fun to create a good sniper rifle mechanic in VR. We will look at sniper position relative to the hand, firing bullets, aligning the scope properly, zooming in and out with the scope, and setting up a mini test scene to shoot down some planes.

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