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Building The Climb From Scratch

This stream marks the first time where we have implemented live chat onto our website in order to keep the logs persistent (Youtube still has not figured out how to keep the chat around after a stream). To kick things off, we decided to have some fun and play around with a climbing mechanic. Over the past several months, we have seen a few climbing games pop up for PC VR. The most notable being Sweet Escape VR by Monster VR and The Climb by Crytek. While there is artificial movement for climbing, I have found it to be pretty bearable, but when you build it you can be the judge. It is definitely one of the most fun experiences I have had in VR!
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Building a 360 Video Player From Scratch

This week stepping away from the Vive to build something that was suggested on, a 360 Video Player. We’ll be using the Oculus Sample Framework to develop the player so that it works not only for PC VR, but also for Android. As you will see, we don’t do any coding so its a great way to get started developing for VR and you can do it on pretty much any platform (sorry iOS – but there is another option for you).

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Building Holoball from Scratch

A few people had requested this and now we are finally getting around to building Holoball in Unity. During the stream, we will go over how to get the physics materials setup correctly, setting up a simple environment, implementing the Magnus effect, and adding a trail renderer. We will also play around with some materials to make things look nice.

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Flying like Superman in Unity From Scratch

After the Unreal tutorial on Flying like Superman, some people wanted to see how you could do that within Unity. So this video is just that. As you can probably see based on the length of the video, it is not terribly complicated and with a few lines of code you can get it up and running in no time.

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Flying like Superman in UE4 From Scratch

This week going to be trying something very new. Over the last few month, I have been finding a few hours here and there to start learning UE4. I thought it was about time to share that knowledge. In this stream, we will be starting from scratch to build a simple system to fly around a scene in UE4 using Blueprints. We will then take the module we made and throw that into the Showdown VR demo so that we can fly around with full control. If people are interested, we can also see how the pipeline looks like in Unity so that we can compare the two.

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