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Building AudioShield from Scratch

Congratulations to Antoine Hésèque and Jonathan Carewick for winning the raffle for the free Rhythm Tool Asset

AudioShield was one of the first experiences that I tried that really sold me on how amazing a VR experience can be when all our senses really get into the game. And so, I am super excited to finally be dev-ing it. We will go over what goes into a Rhythm Game, note selection/placement, and the shield blocking mechanic.

NOTE: This stream will be a little different than usual since we are using a paid asset called RhythmTool, which the developer has graciously offered to DISCOUNT for the WEEKEND. So if you want to build a rhythm game in VR, I recommend getting this asset!
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Building a Movement System through Unreal Portals (Part 1)

This is a tutorial we have wanted to do for a while and have finally gotten a chance to build: a seamless portal system! This one was inspired by a post we saw on Twitter and has also been asked a few times in suggestions.

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Building Vive/King Spray from Scratch

This stream, we are going to be building upon the Color Picker Video from last week. We will be using some Real Time Mesh Painting tools to paint anything from walls to whales. Like last time, we will be doing live chatting on our website in order to preserve the chat permanently, instead of it getting deleted.
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Building a Simple Color Picker from Scratch

This week we took another suggestion from the FusionEd forums on how to develop a color picker for the Vive. In this video, we start from scratch to build a color picker, but it can quiet easily be ported to the Tilt Brush tutorial. Hopefully, this should be helpful for those interested in developing any painting application on the Vive.

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