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Sculpting a Pumpkin in Blender

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we decided to put out a 3D modeling tutorial on sculpting a pumpkin in Blender. Although a Turkey might be more in line with the theme of Thanksgiving, we decided to keep it simple with a pumpkin instead. Hopefully, you can use the techniques in this video to make your VR scenes festive for the holidays.

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Building a VR Medusa Experience From Scratch

This week we will be taking a look at a technique that isn’t often used in VR games, which is detecting when an enemy is in your line of sight. And obviously what better way to show case that ability than by building a game based around the legendary Medusa. We will be showing how to detect when Medusa will be rendered on screen, if there is an object between you and Medusa, and using shield / mirror to avoid looking her straight in the eye. This stream will be led primarily by Hassan, who you may have talked in previous stream chats and has been helping me out the past several weeks.

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Binaural Audio on the Vive using the Cardboard SDK

This tutorial is short but SUPER IMPORTANT for VR development. We will be looking at using the Cardboard Audio SDK, which has Binaural Audio and an HRTF function built in. Since it was designed for Cardboard, it is already pretty optimized and the effect is pretty stunning. Hope to see more people use this SDK. Make sure to put on some headphones!

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Building a VR Asymmetrical Game From Scratch

This is a topic I have wanted to do for a long time and we are finally getting a chance to do it. Asymmetrical games are a fantastic way to share the beauty of VR with friends around you. Brings me back to the days where you would invite your friends over to play Smash or Mario Party. This week, we will take a look at how you can setup a scene where one person is in VR and another is at the computer and use it to build a small game where the VR player places blocks and the computer player runs around trying to collect coins floating in the air.

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