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Vizor.IO WebVR Tutorial (NO CODE!)

Super exciting tutorial this week on using Vizor.IO, a new platform for developing WebVR. He will go over how you can view other projects and then how to make your own simple scene with teleportation, literally without coding

Click here to check out!
Check out the FusedVR Vizor project!

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Building Bowling VR From Scratch

We have been playing around with a lot physics simulations in VR recently and yet another one that is exciting to build is Bowling. In this stream, we will building a simple Bowling Alley and working on how to make it feel as realistic as possible. We will enable throwing the ball, spinning it, and setting up realistic physics. This stream is also pretty unique as Abdo will be leading a second stream on separate camera AT THE SAME TIME! We also have a special announcement to make. More information on that soon 🙂

Download assets from here to follow along

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Building Boxing VR From Scratch

Ever wanted to punch things but didn’t want to break things around you? Well luckily for us, in VR we can “One Punch” everything with super human strength. Boxing / punching is a really intuitive mechanic for many VR titles and is surprisingly pretty easy to implement. Most of it will be driven using the Unity Physics Engine with Rigidbodies and Joints. We will first implement the mechanic then have a little fun playing around with gamifying it up.

Download the assets here to follow along.

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SteamVR Interaction System

Here is a new hidden gem that Valve added in their last update to SteamVR inside Unity. The interaction system is what is used in the Lab and it works quite well. At the end of the video, we will also show you how to set up their simple teleportation system for pretty much any scene.

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Building Pool VR from Scratch

This week’s video we are taking a look at how you can build a Pool / Billards game for the Vive. This is based off of SportsBar VR (formerly Pool Nation). Surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly) when you use two hands to hold the stick, it feel pretty realistic. To avoid setting everything up, we will be using this github repo as a base and then adding all the fun VR interactions on top of it:

Github Link

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Properly Loading a SteamVR Unity Level

This week we have a short video on how to properly load levels in Unity with SteamVR. You will need to use the SteamVR_LoadLevel.cs script and provide it parameters for the fade and skybox. It definitely beats using just Unity’s LoadLevel, so make sure to check it out.

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Building a Virtual Desktop from Scratch

Today, we decided to have a little fun and a take a look at building a Virtual Desktop. In my opinion, this will be one of the BEST USE CASES of VR in the future, as you will have the ability to virtualize an infinite number of screens, which just infinitely helps with productivity. Of course, we will need high screen resolutions but the idea is very compelling for usage outside of gaming.

We will be using this asset as a base and then building an environment from here. To start, we will add SteamVR Keyboard support, but beyond that we want viewers to drive what exactly they want to see get built:

VR Desktop Mirror Asset
Input Simulator

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Setting Up Unity’s Editor VR

Happy New Year Everyone! What better way to celebrate than to play with Unity’s Editor VR. As of recording this video, it is still very experimental but it does hold a lot of promise and is a great proof of concept. Cannot wait to see how it unfolds into 2017 and let us know if you would like to see more streams with it.

Link to Unity Editor VR Settup Document

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Building an A-Frame Vive App From Scratch

Today we have an great tutorial lead by Hassan on how to build for AFrame, so that you can target multiple devices. We will be using the Vive as our target platform but the code should work with other headsets as well, provided you do all the necessary setup. AFrame is still a very experimental platform to develop for so a lot of things are changing, but if you are intersted, hopefully this video helps you get started.

Click Here to visit the A-Frame website.

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Playing with Particle and the Vive

We will be taking a project I found on Github and using that to make it work with the Vive. As such,we will touch A LOT of shader programming and talk a little about the difference between GPU and CPU programming.

Click here for the link to the Github repo.

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