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Building a Bow and Arrow Grappling Hook From Scratch

What do you get when you cross a bow and arrow with a a grappling hook? A great way to move around a VR scene and bring objects to yourself. We will be using the bow and arrow that is built into SteamVR and then customizing it to dash around a scene.

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Tutorial: AR Image Recognition with Hololens and Vuforia (NO HEADSET REQUIRED!)

We’re stoked to combine the power of Hololens and Vuforia to start building AR prototypes, especially given the Hololens competition Unity just announced. To get everyone up to speed, here’s a video on how to set up image recognition. Comment below if you have ideas on what you would like us to build next! As a last note, you don’t need a Hololens to follow along. Vuforia has a great Unity emulator.

Hololens Academy
Install the Tools
Vuforia for Hololens

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Building Hadoken VR From Scratch

By far, this has been one of our most enjoyable concepts to make! If you have ever played Street Fighter or watched Dragon Ball, you know how epic it is see giant energy blasts. But being able to actually do it in Unity, is on a whole different level. We will go over Unity’s particle system, using your hand controllers to scale it, and then releasing it. We will also play around with one handed vs two handed energy blasts. Additionally, we are excited to have Liv and Jazmin from High Fidelity join the stream during the break.

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VR Text: Text Mesh Pro

Short video this week, covering a very important topic: VR Text. This is one of those things that is very overlooked but is crucial to enabling users to stay in VR. To really highlight this, we are taking a look at an awesome asset called Text Mesh Pro!

Text Mesh Pro Asset
Volumetric Tex
1 )
Vergence Accomodation

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