Building Fruit Ninja from Scratch

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Building Fruit Ninja from Scratch

Last week, Halfbrick Studios released Fruit Ninja for VR. So, we decided why not create it from scratch? We will be going over attaching swords to your hands, slicing meshes (fruits), and adding a motion blur effect to the sword to really give it some weight. By themselves, these are pretty hefty topics, but luckily there are some good plugins we can use to make this job for manageable for anyone getting started!

Here is the list of plugins / assets we will be using:

BLINDED_AM_ME (Mesh Cutter):
XWeaponTrail :!/content/20972
Low Poly Park:!/content/61922

And here are the assets we made:

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    BLINDED_AM_ME link is not working anymore, Please update the link so we can follow your tutorial.

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