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Building Bowling VR From Scratch

We have been playing around with a lot physics simulations in VR recently and yet another one that is exciting to build is Bowling. In this stream, we will building a simple Bowling Alley and working on how to make it feel as realistic as possible. We will enable throwing the ball, spinning it, and setting up realistic physics. This stream is also pretty unique as Abdo will be leading a second stream on separate camera AT THE SAME TIME! We also have a special announcement to make. More information on that soon 🙂

Download assets from here to follow along

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Building a 360 Video Player From Scratch

This week stepping away from the Vive to build something that was suggested on, a 360 Video Player. We’ll be using the Oculus Sample Framework to develop the player so that it works not only for PC VR, but also for Android. As you will see, we don’t do any coding so its a great way to get started developing for VR and you can do it on pretty much any platform (sorry iOS – but there is another option for you).

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Making a Ranger’s Bow Part 2 | Texturing and Rigging

This week, we’ll be continuing the bow and arrow tutorial. In this part we will texture and rig the bow and arrow, then import it into Unity to test it out.

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3D Modeling a Ranger’s Bow for VR

While it super fun to create a VR experience with available assets in a game engine, sometimes it is time to get creative and build something from scratch. This week, Abdo (you may have talked with him in the chat in previous streams) will be leading the video and walking you through how to 3D model a bow and arrow, which a couple people had asked to learn more about.

To get started, you will need to have Blender installed, but other than that, everything is from scratch.

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