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Building Bowling VR From Scratch

We have been playing around with a lot physics simulations in VR recently and yet another one that is exciting to build is Bowling. In this stream, we will building a simple Bowling Alley and working on how to make it feel as realistic as possible. We will enable throwing the ball, spinning it, and setting up realistic physics. This stream is also pretty unique as Abdo will be leading a second stream on separate camera AT THE SAME TIME! We also have a special announcement to make. More information on that soon 🙂

Download assets from here to follow along

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Building Boxing VR From Scratch

Ever wanted to punch things but didn’t want to break things around you? Well luckily for us, in VR we can “One Punch” everything with super human strength. Boxing / punching is a really intuitive mechanic for many VR titles and is surprisingly pretty easy to implement. Most of it will be driven using the Unity Physics Engine with Rigidbodies and Joints. We will first implement the mechanic then have a little fun playing around with gamifying it up.

Download the assets here to follow along.

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Building Pool VR from Scratch

This week’s video we are taking a look at how you can build a Pool / Billards game for the Vive. This is based off of SportsBar VR (formerly Pool Nation). Surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly) when you use two hands to hold the stick, it feel pretty realistic. To avoid setting everything up, we will be using this github repo as a base and then adding all the fun VR interactions on top of it:

Github Link

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Properly Loading a SteamVR Unity Level

This week we have a short video on how to properly load levels in Unity with SteamVR. You will need to use the SteamVR_LoadLevel.cs script and provide it parameters for the fade and skybox. It definitely beats using just Unity’s LoadLevel, so make sure to check it out.

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Building the 3rd Person Xortex Mechanic from Scratch

This week we will be taking a look at how you can emulate Xortex by having a space ship attached to your hands. We will be using a space theme where instead of shooting robots, we will be shooting asteroids. We’ll go over customizing Particle Effects for the laser, writing code to grab and drop an object, and destroying asteroids. Andre Le, who has worked on foovr and HVR, will also be joining us later in the stream to talk about his work in VR and motion sickness. Should be a blast!

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Binaural Audio on the Vive using the Cardboard SDK

This tutorial is short but SUPER IMPORTANT for VR development. We will be looking at using the Cardboard Audio SDK, which has Binaural Audio and an HRTF function built in. Since it was designed for Cardboard, it is already pretty optimized and the effect is pretty stunning. Hope to see more people use this SDK. Make sure to put on some headphones!

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Building Spiderman Swinging Mechanic From Scratch

This week coming to you again live from the office of SVVR. We will be looking at how we can build a simple version of the Spider-Man swinging mechanic. After having tried Windlands, I will say that it does get you a little motion sick if you don’t have your VR legs, so you may also want to add in the shrinking FOV trick to comfortably fly through the air. By the end, we will be able to swing around the sky on clouds using lightning. Compared to other tutorials, this one will be relatively short and also be an opportunity for people to ask about the Udacity VR Nanodegree. So stay tuned to get all your questions answered and see where the Nanodegree is headed.

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Looking out for the Lefties: Tutorial

A quick tutorial on something that a lot of Vive games tend to overlook: the ability to swap controllers. This is particularly important for lefties since a lot of games are designed with controls only on the right hand. It doesn’t take much to setup something basic but is still pretty important to add in. The concept was inspired by Tilt Brush!

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Building a Multiplayer Metaverse with Rift + Vive

This week we will be streaming from the office of Silicon Valley Virtual Reality – SVVR. We will be looking at how you can use Photon Networking in Unity to easily create a social VR scene that connects the Vive with the Rift + Touch. In case you are wondering why Photon over UNET (Unity’s built in networking), Photon has a free service (with limited usage) for VoIP, which is particularly important for Social VR. The topics we will go over include how Photon is setup, how to send head and hand movements over the network, how to smooth movements, and VoIP. We will then put it all together with the VRTK so that we can throw things at each other.

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Building a Movement System through Unity Portals

This is a tutorial we have wanted to do for a while and have finally gotten a chance to build: a seamless portal system! This one was inspired by a post we saw on Twitter ( and has also been asked a few times in suggestions ( Recently, our friends at HTC released a new plugin that allows for just that and soooo much more and we cannot wait to share how to use that and see what comes out of it.

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