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3D Modeling Tips for VR Devs

Ghoster is looking out for the indie devs. Not a modeling tutorial per say, more of a troubleshooting guide for some issues that may arise when importing a model into Unity. We go over three main points of how to fix scale, pivot points, and lightmaps on any 3D model in blender.

Check out the stick figure that is used.

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Building Superhot Time Mechanic From Scratch

Since it is right after GDC, we figured it only made sense to do a super fun mechanic: Superhot VR! We will make it so that time only moves when you do and we will also work on ways to improve what they have built. It should be a fun session and at the end we will get to play with a special new toy!

Assets Used in the Stream:

    Outer Space
    Rocket Pack
    Unity Particle Pack

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Building Bowling VR From Scratch

We have been playing around with a lot physics simulations in VR recently and yet another one that is exciting to build is Bowling. In this stream, we will building a simple Bowling Alley and working on how to make it feel as realistic as possible. We will enable throwing the ball, spinning it, and setting up realistic physics. This stream is also pretty unique as Abdo will be leading a second stream on separate camera AT THE SAME TIME! We also have a special announcement to make. More information on that soon 🙂

Download assets from here to follow along

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