Creator Chat, Unity, Virtual Reality

DESIGNING VR EXPERIENCES FOR THE CONSUMER! Creator Chat #5 Interview with Adam and Iva from TheVRLAB

Creator Chat #5 dives deep into how to design a Virtual or Augmented Reality (Immersive Tech) for the end user. And what better group to talk about this with than Adam and Iva from The VR Lab! Specifically, we dive into their Audio Visualizer and some of the design decisions that were made because of user testing. We also talk a bit about community building how that is super important for VR to thrive. Really great talking with them and cannot wait to see more! The questions we asked: What was your favorite VR project? What is something your currently working on? What is the best way to start a VR development community? Similarities between the Vive and Pokemon Go? VR and Laziness (Sword Art Online with Brain Computer Interfaces)