Bridge the Metaverse!

Empowering Developers to Fuse the Virtual World with Reality for a freer tomorrow!

Digital Ownership
Using Decentralized Blockchains, Web 3, Smart Contracts, and NFTs are enabling users to truly own digital characters, items, and avatars. Today, anyone can  exchange these assets and build digital economies around worlds in the metaverse. In the future, with a standardized metaverse protocol, these assets like avatars could be utilized among digital worlds in the metaverse.

The One and Only Metaverse
The “Metaverse” is the concept of a digital universe / network that bridges digital worlds or land together.  In other words, conceptually the metaverse is an extension of the internet that allows everyone to move between worlds and bring their digital identity and assets across worlds. Just like nobody owns the Earth and nobody owns the internet, nobody should own the metaverse!

Freedom of Distribution
Just like anyone can host on the internet, anyone should be able to have a voice and host in the metaverse. Today, however, most 3D worlds are distributed via a centralized App Store that has the authority to censor and limit what can be distributed. Thus,  digital worlds need to be hosted over the web, albeit challenging. But with Cloud Streaming over WebRTC, these challenges are starting to fade.

Welcome To FusedVR

FusedVR started back in 2016 as a Youtube channel where we had fun posting our learnings about building VR / AR prototypes with an HTC Vive and sharing them with the community. Since then, the community has grown tremendously and a lot has changed for VR and AR in many positive but also worrisome ways. We want to see the metaverse become an open, censorship-resistant decentralized platform that is easy for developers to create and build worlds without big brother getting in the way.