Getting Your Games Onto the Blockchain: FusedVR GameFi A

Crypto FusedVR APIs – Why you need them:

Currently, there is no service that allows you to integrate your game
development with the blockchain. We need better tools that will enable
us to create a metaverse of interconnected games and assets and will
allow developers control over their games and digital assets. The Crypto
FusedVR API is the stepping stone to making this powerful game
management and blockchain tool. 

The Crypto FusedVR API system is an authentication system that allows
you to create the base layer of moving Unity to the blockchain. Over
time, this system will be continuously fleshed out, allowing you to
connect your games with the blockchain and seamlessly manage all of your
games and assets throughout the blockchain. 

The way it works is simple – our APIs are a magic fused linking
system, consisting of some APIs for authentication and other APIs for
actually linking your development to the blockchain. The authenticating
aspect of these APIs verifies the user and their crypto wallet, while
the linking APIs will connect the user’s email address, game account,
and crypto wallet.

What are APIs?

API stands for Applicable Programmable Interface, and it acts as the bridge between different programs and allows them to work together in a myriad of ways. APIs are invaluable to the game development space, as they allow additional software to interact with each other and share various embedded content. 

In video game development, APIs are used to develop third-party applications, retrieve data and statistics, enable better database management and create virtual reality based video games. APIs are already hugely prevalent throughout the gaming space, and popular APIs for specific video games include the League of Legends API and the Poke API. 

APIs have many more uses than just the above. APIs can be used as a bridge between developers and the blockchain and make connecting your video game with the blockchain absolutely seamless. Specifically for Unity developers, the Crypto FusedVR APIs allow you to integrate your development with the blockchain easily.

Let’s look at the Crypto FusedVR APIs and how you can use them to merge your video game onto the blockchain.

How to Use Crypto FusedVR APIs:

Now, let’s take a look at how to use this API system to link your Unity development to the blockchain. Check out our Youtube channel here to watch the live demo of the FusedVR API system. 

To get started, visit our website to access our API software. Select the Magic Fused Link > Post > /fused/login to receive the API for authenticating the user. This serves as the primary login function for developers to authenticate users. 

Paste the user’s email straight into the API, which will send an email to the user to authenticate themselves. They have to sign in order to be verified without exposing any of their private information.

Once verified, you will receive a token that is connected to the user. You can place this into the Account API, which will query the user’s account information. To ensure your transition to the blockchain is easy, you can check their cryptocurrency balance and other important account information. You can find data on what tokens the user owns, how large is the account balance of their crypto wallet and more. 

There is also the Get>/fused/link. This option allows users to authenticate from their mobile or browser-based wallet via a deep link. This wallet connect option will enable users to use a deep link to open up the verification email. This option allows users to access their mobile crypto wallet and verify transactions with ease. 

Get Started:

Are you ready to take the first steps in merging your Unity or Unreal game development with the blockchain? Crypto FusedVR APIs allows you to correctly authenticate and log-in users into your game so that you are able to operate a play to earn metaverse/blockchain game. 

Play to earn blockchain gaming is truly the future of game development, and our FusedVR APIs makes authenticating players and their wallets hassle-free. Query your users’ account information that you need for your game without risking their personal information in seconds with this unique API integration.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up to date with FusedVR APIs.  You can also check out our website, discord and Web 3 Unity SDK to get started today.

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